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What is BFit?

Bfit is an individualized program for children and teens that focuses on skill building in the areas of physical fitness and good nutrition with the goal of helping youth achieve lifelong health and wellness.

Who Can Enroll?

The Bfit program is for children and teens who are currently receiving services at St. Clair County Community Mental Health. Other eligibility requirements include:
  • Being between the ages of 8 - 17
  • Medicaid only coverage
  • Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) diagnosis
  • Cleared by physician to participate in a fitness program
To find out if your child meets the eligibility criteria, talk with your case holder.

Why BFit?

People with mental health conditions have disproportionately higher rates of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and tobacco use, all of which can contribute to serious health problems. For children and teens with a mental health condition it is especially important to provide them with the tools they need. These tools include - knowledge, skills and support to take care of both their bodies and brains.

What is Children's Waiver?

The Children's Waiver program provides in-home services and supports to Medicaid eligible children with developmental disabilities who would otherwise be at risk of out-of-home placement into an Intermediate Care Facility.

What is Choice Voucher?

A Choice Voucher arrangement is an arrangement that is made between the guardian and SCCCMH. It is based on the self-determination principle that an individual should have the authority to responsibly control and manage an individual budget for supports and services that are authorized in the IPOS. The guardian exercises choice and control over who provides services and supports and how they are provided.

What is Day Treatment Night Watch?

Day Treatment Night Watch provides a partial day program for adolescents aged 12-17 years old who have been court ordered to participate.

What is Family Support?

The Family Support program provides case management, clinical and mental health assistant support services for families and their children who are diagnosed with a developmental disability.

What is the Home-Based Program?

The Home-Based program provides intense services and supports to children birth-17 years old who have a diagnosable mental, behavioral, or emotional impairment and significant duration or history of the condition.

What is the Intensive Out-Patient Program?

The Intense Out-Patient program provides services 1-2 times per week for children and adolescents 4-18 years old and their families.

What is Respite Services?

Respite Services provides breaks for the parent and/or unpaid caregiver of an individual experiencing special needs.

What is Serious Emotional Disturbances (SED) Waiver?

The SED Waiver allows Medicaid to fund needed home and community based services for children with serious emotional disturbances. Eligible children must have an open foster care case through the Department of Human Services and meet the criteria for admission to the state inpatient psychiatric hospital and be at risk of hospitalization without waiver services.

What is Wraparound?

Wraparound is a community and strength based planning process that promotes family preservation and independence. This is accomplished through a high level of coordination which is individualized and family driven. A Wraparound Coordinator facilitates the development of a Child and Family Team to design a treatment plan that is responsive to the needs of the family. The team includes service providers and people close to the family.

Wraparound Services provide a seamless interagency approach to unconditionally meet the needs of clients and their families.

Oversight of this process is governed by the Wraparound Community Team. The Wraparound Council includes supervisory or administrative staff from community agencies that are responsible for developing, implementing, improving, and delivering cost-effective community services.

Who is Eligible

Children must have a Serious Emotional Disturbance and meet two or more of the following criteria in order to be eligible for Wraparound Services:
  • Multiple System Involvement
  • Risk of out-of-home placement or in an out-of-home placement
  • Receive other mental health services with minimal improvement in functioning
  • The risk factors exceed capacity for traditional community-based options.
  • Numerous providers are working with multiple children in the home without meeting the desired outcomes