Community Services Coordinating Body

Community Services Coordinating Body (CSCB)

The St. Clair County Community Services Coordinating Body (CSCB) is the state-recognized "Community Collaborative" for St. Clair County. The CSCB is a coalition of human service agencies in the county - all of them non-profit, both public and private.

The Community Services Coordinating Body has developed a Mission Statement, which addresses the assurance of appropriate service delivery and coordination of services to residents of St. Clair County and is formatted in the following guiding principles.
Guiding Principles
  • To provide consistent monitoring of the health status of the community through regular examination of profile information and objective analysis of community statistics.
  • To establish collaborative activities to meet the human services needs of all St. Clair County residents through partnership activities designed to mobilize the available resources of the community.
  • To reduce or eliminate all barriers to service accessibility and service delivery.
  • To recognize and respect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the community.
  • To provide guidance and direction for the expansion of existing services or the development of new human service related activities and programs.
  • To support the efforts of the Community Services Coordinating Body through the use of shared leadership, shared responsibility and shared resources.
  • To foster the healthy development of individuals and families in St. Clair County through identification and reduction of risk factors and the enhancement or strengthening of healthy factors.
  • Continue to develop a customer-driven human service system that emphasizes customer empowerment through access to information, education, choice, and partnership.

    The members of the St. Clair County Community Services Coordinating Body work together to:

  • Strengthen inter-agency communication
  • Coordinate the services and activities of the participating agencies
  • Plan on a community-wide basis
  • Continue needed services
  • Identify and implement new services to meet the community's needs
  • Child Death Review
  • Community Employment Collaborative (CEM)
  • Critical Incidents Stress Management (CISM)
  • Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Council
  • Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative
  • St. Clair County Car Seat Program Brochure
  • Volunteer Action Center
  • Children and Family Services
  • Great Start
  • Healthy Community Coalition
  • Housing and Support Services
  • Suicide Prevention

The CSCB might be able to help you if...

  • You are seeking a letter of support for a new project
  • You are seeking information and/or statistics about the health and welfare of St. Clair County residents
  • You need help in removing a barrier to human services in the county
  • You have an idea how to improve human services in the county
  • You are aware of an emerging or new issue in human services.
For more information visit the CSCB website or Facebook page.
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