Community Services Coordinating Body (CSCB)

The St. Clair County Community Services Coordinating Body (CSCB) is the state-recognized "Community Collaborative" for St. Clair County. The CSCB is a coalition of human service agencies in the county - all of them non-profit, both public and private.

The Community Services Coordinating Body has developed a Mission Statement, which addresses the assurance of appropriate service delivery and coordination of services to residents of St. Clair County and is formatted in the following guiding principles.
Guiding Principles
  • To provide consistent monitoring of the health status of the community through regular examination of profile information and objective analysis of community statistics.
  • To establish collaborative activities to meet the human services needs of all St. Clair County residents through partnership activities designed to mobilize the available resources of the community.
  • To reduce or eliminate all barriers to service accessibility and service delivery.
  • To recognize and respect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the community.
  • To provide guidance and direction for the expansion of existing services or the development of new human service related activities and programs.
  • To support the efforts of the Community Services Coordinating Body through the use of shared leadership, shared responsibility and shared resources.
  • To foster the healthy development of individuals and families in St. Clair County through identification and reduction of risk factors and the enhancement or strengthening of healthy factors.
  • Continue to develop a customer-driven human service system that emphasizes customer empowerment through access to information, education, choice, and partnership.

    The members of the St. Clair County Community Services Coordinating Body work together to:
  • Strengthen inter-agency communication
  • Coordinate the services and activities of the participating agencies
  • Plan on a community-wide basis
  • Continue needed services
  • Identify and implement new services to meet the community's needs
  • Child Death Review
  • Community Employment Collaborative (CEM)
  • Critical Incidents Stress Management (CISM)
  • Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Council
  • Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative
  • St. Clair County Car Seat Program Brochure
  • Volunteer Action Center
  • Children and Family Services
  • Great Start
  • Healthy Community Coalition
  • Housing and Support Services
  • Suicide Prevention
The CSCB might be able to help you if...
  • You are seeking a letter of support for a new project
  • You are seeking information and/or statistics about the health and welfare of St. Clair County residents
  • You need help in removing a barrier to human services in the county
  • You have an idea how to improve human services in the county
  • You are aware of an emerging or new issue in human services.

Resources for Teens

Support Groups Available

Alcoholics Anonymous
(810) 987-8884
Alzheimer's Support Group

Dementia & Alzheimer's Resource Committee
(810) 990-9558

McLaren Port Huron
(810) 989-2131

Anger Management Classes

Center for Human Resources
1001 Military Street
Port Huron, MI
(810) 985-5437


The Autism Society of America
Macomb & St. Clair County Chapter
(586) 447-2235

Beyond Affairs Network (BAN)
Diabetes Education & Support Group
Lake Huron Medical Center
McLaren Port Huron
(810) 989-2131
Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault

Safe Horizons
Port Huron, MI
(810) 985-5538

Gambling Addiction

Call the Michigan Gambling Hotline for times & locations
(888) 844-2891

National Alliance on Mental Illness - Blue Water Chapter
(810) 989-6476
Narcotics Anonymous

Local: (810) 989-1627
State: (877) 338-1188

Surviviors of Suicide
(810) 985-8900

Provider Directory

Provider organizations are the organizations that deliver public services for mental health who are under contract with St. Clair County Community Mental Health Authority. The Organization List gives the addresses and phone numbers of these organizations.

Practitioners are the individuals who provide the services. The Practitioner List provides details about the individuals who provide services. This list includes the person's credentials, license number, clinical specialties, cultural competencies, and language specialties.

The Practitioner List also indicates each person's general population specialty.
Practitioner List Key
  • DDC=Children with developmental disabilities
  • SED=Children with serious emotional disturbances
  • DDA=Adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities
  • MIA=Adults with mental illness
  • SAC=Children with substance use disorders
  • SAA=Adults with substance use disorders
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